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A place where all things that make you happy are possible, creating lasting memories.

Nestled on a hill in Laguna Niguel, Bottega Angelina is more than just a restaurant. Boasting a beautiful ocean view, it merges the old world feel of an Italian village with a modern and sophisticated state of the art decor.


From its beautifully handcrafted mosaic, to the cascading chandelier in the dining room, Bottega Angelina hopes to elevate your dining experience to appeal to all your senses. With our open kitchen, you can see our chefs create culinary magic while immersing yourself in flavors of authentic Italian ingredients.


It is a place where all things that make you happy are possible, creating lasting memories. So what are you waiting for...Venite a Mangiare! Come eat with us! 


“Bottega Angelina’s is a wonderful addition to the mix of restaurants, retailers and entertainment options at Ocean Ranch Village. We are confident this will become another great dining destination and a quick neighborhood favorite.”

-Carol Trueman, vice president of asset management at Shea Properties

General Manager

Antonio Bevacqua

Born and raised in the beautiful city of Montecatini Terme, Italy. A city renowned for its thermal waters, natural hot springs and world class spas. Montecatini is located in the heart of Tuscany. Antonio grew up surrounded by art, culture, authentic Italian food, and wine. All these became passions that stuck with him throughout his life.
Antonio graduated with a degree in culinary arts and hotel management from the prestigious Hotel Management school F. Martini and immediately began his career at prestigious hotels in the Tuscany region as a sous chef and executive chef.
With the aim to grow his education for food and restaurant management, he lived throughout Europe. Antonio worked as a sous chef in Paris at a Michelin starred restaurant Paolo Petrini under Enrico Bartolini, who is one of the most famous Italian chefs that holds the most Michelin Stars in Italy. Antonio also worked in restaurants in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria before moving back to Italy to work under Matteo Tempestini that trained with Alain Ducasse in Monaco, at the restaurant ‘Al Gallo Papa’ in Castellina in Chianti and got a Michelin Star.
A few years later, he took a vacation trip in 2002 to Orange County and he immediately fell in love with the weather, people, and the food. He was immediately inspired by the diversity of food and the restaurant culture of Orange County, and noticed the minimal options for authentic Italian cuisine.
After moving here, he became general manager for major restaurants, such as Provence by the Patina Group, and Canaletto by Il Fornaio in Fashion Island.

Executive Pastry Chef

Chef Massimo

Chef Massimo was born in Albenga, a small town in Northern Italy between Genova and the French border. Growing up with the smell of desserts wafting from the pastry shop below their apartment, Massimo ended up spending most of his time at the shop, especially after school. At an early age of 14, Massimo got his first job during summer vacation as a barista in a seasonal business. After high school, Massimo pursued his passion by attending Professionale Alberghiero di Stato (State Culinary School) and worked in a pastry shop and bakery during summer breaks. Massimo believes he was very lucky to learn through a mentor who was wise and taught him many things at a very early age. The most important lesson Massimo gained from his mentor was “never think you know everything, because that day, you will cease learning.” At 22 years old, Massimo worked in his own baking laboratory for five years. He moved to the US in 2000, where he worked as a Pastry Chef at Antonello Ristorante for almost 20 years. Since his childhood until now, Massimo has retained his love for pastries, still continuing to grow and learn new things.

Our Team


Filippo Fusco

Filippo’s roots can be traced back to Piedimonte San Germano, Italy. He spent years pursuing business and has seen great success as a founder and CEO of PSG Capital Partners, Fortunato Capital Management, as well as other management endeavors. Filippo is passionate about sharing his Italian culture through food. 


Shokoufeh Fusco

Shokoufeh was born in Tehran and grew up in Orange County. She has built a successful career in finance, contributing to the business development and marketing of large corporations. Always curious, and exploring new things, Sho has been exposed to a variety of cultures because growing up, her parents used to travel often. She loves trying different cuisines.

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