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Bottega Angelina’s has built a team of individuals who amplify our core principles, maintain a positive attitude, and are devoted to excellence.

We continue to build an environment that attracts committed, eager, and loyal candidates who contribute to a culture of teamwork and service to others. We model this service internally for our employees by providing leadership and mentoring; facilitating core growth is something we strongly believe in and feel responsible for providing to our team members. This investment in our people provides a return of a best-in-class reputation and regard for being “number one” in service. Cultivating an atmosphere of people who love doing what they do, Bottega Angelina exudes an ambiance rich with commitment, transparency, and hospitality. Our guiding core principles provide a structure for team members to lean on and serve as tools for them to always provide an experience that is viewed through an in-service lens. Our culture’s inspiration mirrors that of the Italian community, truly rooting Bottega Angelina in an authentic experience for all who touch our brand.



“It is a passionate company with great talent and vision that believes in quality service and striving to make people happy.”

- Antonio Bevacqua, General Manager

“The company has worked hard to create a learning environment with structure, allowing employees to enhance their fortes, and build a strong team we can rely on to put out the best food for our customers. ”

- Daniel Juangorena, Executive Chef

"Working for a company who is rooted in passion and excellence is such a rewarding experience. My skill set is trusted, my opinion is valued, and I have autonomy to contribute to the vision of SRMG brands. This company has provided me with the opportunity to be the person I needed when I was scaling the ranks in the restaurant industry, to others who are just getting their start. We work and laugh equally hard, and the ownership is committed to us as much as they are their brands."

- Kelsey Rossi, Corporate Trainer

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